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Hi I've just had some of my tests back and was wondering if you cuold confirm my interpretation of them?

CD3%, CD19%, CD16/56% & CD5+CD19% all NA

TH1:TH2 - I think all OK
TNF Alpha:IL-4 (CD3+CD4+T helpers celles): 20.7
IFN Gamma:IL-4 (CD3+CD4+T helpers celles): 13.2
TNF Alpha:IL-10 (CD3+CD4+T helpers celles): 20.6
IFN Gamma:IL-10 (CD3+CD4+T helpers celles): 13.2

NK Cell Cytoxicity Assay
NK Cell 50:1 - 15% - is this borderline??
NK Cell 25:1 - 10%
NK Cell 12.5:1 - 4%
NK Cell 50:1 with IVIG 12.5mg/ml - 3% reduction in killing 80% - All good results
NK Cell 50:1 with IVIG 6.25mg/ml - 9% reduction in killing 40%
50:1 with prednisolene 10ug/ml - 6% reduction in killing 60%
50:1 with prednisolene 5ug/ml - 9% reduction in killing 40%

LAD - I think this may be where are problems are....
T-cells IgM+ <1% (negative)
T-cells IgG+ <1% (negative)
B-cells IgM+ 55%
B-cells IgG+ 5%

Still awaiting the HLA DQ alpha ones back.

thank you, Nikie

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yes, I don't recognise the format of those results so I am not sure of the normal range, but I think you're right.  the only thing that stands out is the LAD which is a bit borderline because the b cell IgG is so low and, although the B cell IgM is good, everything together is low.  However, mature B cells tend to make IgG rather than IgM, so its possible that you have recently been pg/had implantation and some of the IgM may 'convert' to IgG over the next couple of months?  I guess you might want to think about having LIT - especially if your DQa comes back with a match.
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