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im wondering if anyone can help me. i have sole custody of my 2 children (aged 11 & 12) my ex h is now finally settled and has a partner who he has been with for just under 6 mths. my girls have said that they would like to spend more time with their dad and he has been pressing for joint custody. to save on a legal battle and using a bit of reverse psychology i have given them all what they wanted thinking that if they see what he is really like they will change their mind. anyway i'll get to the point. the other day my ex's partner took my daughter to the dr as she had come on her period (which she has been having for 6 mths) and they gave my daughter the contraceptive pill!! to add insult to injury they didnt even tell me. i have issue with the gp surgery as my ex h wasnt even theren and as far as im concerned she is not my daughter's legal guardian.. and i have issue with my ex. what if she'd had a reaction to the pill? i'd have had no idea that that could be the cause.. if the hospital had asked if she was on any regular medication i would have said no....

im so angry and wish i knew enough about the law to know what my rights are.


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