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hi im on day 7 of d/r im using buserelin injections.

does anyone no how long it takes for af to arrive? i am due either thursday or friday but wasn't sure if it will still come as normal or not.
I used to have very regualr af but when i needed to have one just before starting d/r she wouldn't come so was given tablets to make her arrive.

I have an appointment next tuesday for my d/r scan and the nurse has already said that their hoping to start me stimming on the wednesday.
Im just little unsure weather i need to have had my af by then or will they just start me stimming anyway?

Thanks for any advice
Louise xx

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d/r can delay your AF, it took 2 weeks of d/r for me to get AF but i don't have a regular cycle!!

Good luck聽 ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^


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Yes, the DR drugs can often delay AF. 聽As long as you have a bleed before baseline you should be fine. 聽Sometimes even if haven't actually had a bleed then they will check your E2 blood level and if those are low and no activity in ovaries and thin womb lining then they may still start you on stimms.....or they may just get you to downreg for a little bit longer.

With my 1st IVF, my AF didn't show up until the day before baseline (was on time but I have long luteal phase & I'd started DR on cd21)....I was worried that wouldn't be ready to start stimms but by time of baseline (which turned out to be cd2), my womb lining was nice and thin at 3.7mm (like it to be below 4mm)....so I was able to start stimms as planned. 聽Wasn't the most pleasant of scans admittedly !

If you're worried then do call your clinic but sure you'll be fine.

Good luck

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Hi ya!

My AF arrived exactly on time whilst DRing (yesterday in fact - sorry TMI).聽 She arrived with a vengeance!!

Lully x

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When I DR AF arrives as usual.

Suzee xx
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