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Hi Ladies,

Last night I found my day 3 and day 21 blood test results from 2005. I have never had these explained to me, (although my GP said they were OK, and my clinic were given a copy a few years ago), I was wondering if anyone can help?

My levels day 3 for FSH were 4.5u/L
My Levels day 3 for LH were 5.5u/L
My levels day 3 for Serum Prolactin were 217mu/L

My progesterone levels day 21 were 44nmol/L

Please can you tel me what the levels should be, and if mine are OK, I was thinking of getting them done again especially the Progesterone one as my cycles are not regular and I worry that it was done at the wrong time :(

I can see Estradiol listed anywhere on the test results would it be called anything else?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi emms,

I only know about progesterone and yours looks good, should be 30+ to indicate ovulation so you're well above that . I also think FSH is the lower the better so yours looks good there too but I'm sure someone more knowledgable will be along soon.

Kerry x

PS Is estrodiol sometimes called E2? Have a feeling it might be ... is that on there?

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If you use the search facility (or as it's not working properly at the moment I believe just have a quick look through Peer Support), you'll see yours is a very very frequently asked question.

Here's where I've replied to someone else with info. Obviously none of us are medically qualified so only your consultant should interpret your results. Also, as these results are now 3 years old, they're pretty out of date so really you should be asking for current results as they can fluctuate and change.

♥ Minxy ♥ said:

Here's some info re FSH & LH...


Here's some information on FSH (& LH)...

FSH & LH "normal" range tested between cd2-5 (follicular stage)...you need to be aware that different clinics may use varying measurements & ranges but these figures show measurement in iu/l...this is what I was given...

(follicular stage) LH - range 1.9 - 12.5 iu/l
(follicular stage) FSH - range 2.5 - 10.2 iu/l

FSH levels to indicate ovarian reserve:
under 6 = Excellent
6 - 9 = good
9 - 10 = fair
10 - 13 = diminished
13+ = hard to stimulate

I also found these ranges which someone else was given, so as you can see, the different labs have used slightly different ranges but gives you a rough idea...(also measured in iu/l)

Follicular: FSH 2.8 - 14.4 LH 1.1 - 11.6
Midcycle: FSH 5.8 - 21 LH 17 - 77
Luteal: FSH 1.2 - 9.0 LH 0 - 14.7

This is some info on oestradiol....again, you need to be aware of what measurements are used...

1 pg/ml = 3.67 pmol/l

100 pg/ml = 367 pmol/l (pg/ml to pmol/l = 3.67)
100 pmol/l = 27 pg/ml (pmol/l to pg/ml = 0.272)

and here's some of the varying oestradiol ranges for follicular stage which I found whilst searching these FF boards...

different clinics ranges for FOLLICULAR PHASE - oestradiol (E2)
37-539 pmol/l
40-606 pmol/l
75-250 pmol/l

...and the same when checking your progesterone levels...usually done cd21 but ideally should be tested 7dpo as this is when it peaks...having tested cd21 assumes ovulation on cd14. Most clinics like to see a progesterone level of 30 nmol/l or over (some say over 40 nmol/l) to indicate ovulation....there isn't really range of what it should be as progesterone varies so much between women, so as long as it indicated ovulation happened then you should be ok...
Again, the measurements can vary eg 30nmol/l is approx 10 ng/ml

There's more info on this website...


Obviously we are not medically qualified though so to have proper interpretation of your results, they should be looked at alongside any other hormone level results that you had done eg FSH/LH and discussed with your consultant.

If you use the search option on this website you will find all this information on other threads/posts...you'll often find answers to your questions :)

Hope that helps...

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I don't know much about Prolactin but the link I've provided in my (quoted) post just above has info on it.

Your FSH and LH levels look fine although with your LH being slightly higher than FSH may be an indication of PCOS.

Your progesterone should ideally be tested at 7dpo so having tested on cd21 assumes ovulation on cd14.....but as they look for a level of 30 nmol/l or over to indicate ovulation, then yours at 44 nmol/l does show ovulation occured.

Oestradiol is E2 but not everyone has this tested (although it's a good idea to have it done) so perhaps you just didn't have it tseted at the time.

Take care
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