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hiya girls,

this is my 4th cycle of FET, all the others were day 3 embryos with fair good grades, only one lead to a BFP but lost a week later!

ive got 4 wee embryos left and hoping to take them to blastocysts.... its all be left in the hands of my embryologist, she is taking all 4 out and will see how they are going, if they seem to be doing well she is going to let them go to this sunday, if they seem to be struggling im going to do a transfer friday morning... will keep you posted how i go!

from what ive been told there really is no difference in the transfer of day 3 or 5, but since we have had no luck with day 3s were hoping some extra luck from a day 5!!!

hope everyone gets a BFP xxx

Debby x
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