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Hi I was diagnosed with POF at 17 years old and had experienced problems for a couple of years before that, when I was diagnosed I was really only told that I have it and very little else, I am now 29 and think more and more about what my options are going to be.  I am not in a relationship just now but having a baby is something I think about more and more.  I am now thinking of going back to my GP to find out more but I would like some advice about what sort of questions I should be asking. 

Any advice would be really appreciated, I would like to understand more about this and what my future options could be.

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Sorry to hear this but you are definitely not alone here  ^hugme^
The first thing you need to do is get your Dr/Consultant to do either a FSH or AMH blood test, the results of this will tell you if will be likely to respond to IVF drugs and if you will produce any eggs. If your FSH is really high you may need to consider the option of donor eggs but many people that have been diagnosed will POF do respond and have children  :)

Good luck hun x

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Just wanted to say I know how you feel. A similar thing happened to me.

I was diagnosed with POF at 21 and same as you, i wasn't given a reason.
The gynae just said it's one of those things and they don't know enough about it...bla bla...my only way of falling pregnant is if there's a miracle. They will never know why this happened to me.

He put me on HRT and i was sent home.

It took me ages to come to terms with it and I even stopped taking the HRT for a number of years as i felt if i didnt take it all was normal.

Only a couple of years ago, with clock ticking etc i decided to have a chat with my GP. She was lovely. I said i would love to know if any further tests could be done to explain the reason why...
She transferred me to an endocrin clinic in Glasgow, where they ran loads of tests. Nothing showed up. I was told i could fall pregnant with donor egg IVF and they could transfer me if i wanted.

To cut the story short, hubby and i were transferred to Ninewells, Dundee where we were put on the waiting list for donor eggs. They also did various blood tests and found out I'm a carrier of Fragile X Syndrome (passed on by my dad). This condition can lead to early menopause in women. It's natures way of stepping in to stop the mutated gene being passed on. Finally i had my answer!

As you can see from my ticker i'm now 25 weeks pregnant. Dundee have been so great in finally giving me an answer and most of all enabeling me to fall pregnant (with help of donor eggs). It's been a long rollercoaster but worth it.

I hope you find the answers you seek. Hopefully your gp will be as helpful as mine.
You could always ask to be transferred to Endocrin, where they can run loads of hormone, gene and blood tests and discuss your options.

The waiting lists for egg donation on NHS are 10 years plus in  a lot of clinics so it's worth while getting your name on the waiting list sooner rather than later. Another option is Eggshare (which we did). Basically somebody shares their eggs with you to get money off their own treatment. We only had to wait about 7 months for that.

Or maybe you have a sister, friend or relative who would donate to you?
Good luck!


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