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my dd has started nursery full time two weeks ago....

i was exclusively breast feeding..but when she goes to nursery i have asked the carers to give my dd formula milk....the problem is my dd has refused formula and the most she's had is 1oz on a few days none on most days and once she took 3 oz...she also will only have 3 spoon full of food all day and a few sips of water at the nursery...

now this is a big issue for me as it is clearly not enough food/milk for a child in 7 hours...the nursery have stated that it is not there policy to force feed a child (im not asking them to force feed her/im asking them to feed her properly)...i personnally think there not trying hard enough....

what shall i do....

i have tried giving my dd the bottle at home which is clearly not working...
please can you advise me what to say to the nursery because i think they are neglecting my child as they have a duty to feed her and give her drinks...which they are not doing...

please help as i dont know what else to do...    :'( :'( :'(




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Hiya Barbiedoll

How much milk would she normally take if she was with you at home?? If its just one breast feed then you could do this when you finish work.

In addition...what is your works policy regarding breast feeding mums??

I would also be inclined to speak to the nursery manager and find out what their guidelines are for giving bottles. If you are having problems with giving a bottle then the nursery are probably as well. They wont force her if she is becoming distressed. Maybe ask them what they have done to encourage her to have milk.

Its also a very common age for baby's to become far too busy to have milk...they just want to play. If there is lots to distract her then she may also refuse a bottle.

If you feel that the nursery is neglecting your child then you really need to speak to the manager. If you aren't happy or have a ''gut instinct'' that this isnt the best nursery for your dd then you may need to look at another nursery or childminder.

There are a few things for you to do here so have a think and come back to me.

If she is eating well you could also look at increasing calcium generally in her diet ie milky puddings, breakfast, cheese, yoghurt's so that if she doesn't have milk at nursery then she is getting it in her foods.

Come back to me hun

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