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In March 2019 my wife & I started contacting clinics to help us with having a baby. At the time we'd been together for 14 years, trying for 10... not getting any younger and now both 34. Tests confirmed that I have Azoospermia and my wife PCOS - not a great combo, it just didn't seem likely to happen and NHS restrictions (BMI) meant we had to look at a self funded option.

We narrowed it down to a couple of places, one in Greece and Dogus. During the communication process I was receiving a lot of stock e-mails from the Greek clinic and we found them pushy and the prices weren't clear. They pushed for a Skype call, and on this they came across a bit arrogant, like we were wasting their time and pushy again. On the Dogus side, we were in direct contact with a lady called Andri who was quick to respond with information we needed and the price list was clear. We didn't feel pushed and she wasn't fed up with us asking different variations of the same questions - she always got a response from the medical team. We decided on Dogus.

It was time... September 2019 quickly came and Andri helped us to organise every part of the trip. We paid for our own transfer there which was a mistake but Altinkaya was great, the Dogus team picked us up and dropped us off for each appointment from the hotel. Things didn't go to plan for us using our own eggs and sperm - my sperm wasn't good and we didn't have many viable eggs, only one made it to embryo and that was with donor sperm. We decided we wanted to use a sperm donor and an egg donor before we came as a backup plan... and this backup plan was now in full swing. We had our embryos implanted and much to our surprise, we had a little girl making her home there. In June 2020 our daughter was born.

Andri was really upbeat and positive throughout, the clinic was spotless and the staff were friendly - they didn't all speak a lot of English but that's the way it goes when in a country that doesn't have English as its native language - Dr Sevket did say good luck though, my wife liked that :). Never did we feel out of the loop or left to our own devices at the clinic, Andri always kept us up to date and we were well looked after by the clinic.

We were desperate to try again but COVID came and a few times we had to move our dates because of rule changes here and there - Andri was understanding, kept us up to date with rules over there, and told us to let her know when we could go. With my daughter now 1 and needing lots of attention, my wife would need to go on her own and she managed to go this August (2021). Andri organised every aspect she could for this trip and advised on exactly what was required for entry and exit - things she couldn't do for my wife. We really couldn't have asked for more from Andri and Dogus. Today were received the first BETA and my wife is again pregnant. It's still a long road but Dogus have again done their part.

IVF is expensive and it will work out expensive travelling to North Cyprus with flights from the UK. Accommodation costs money, COVID tests cost money, and of course the treatment costs money - it all adds up quickly. This is the same for any clinic and just like any other clinic your success will vary. I didn't feel like they were out to rip us off at any point - they weren't hustling us for cash up front - it was paid at the very end. They helped organised some last minute blood tests and even provided some meds we couldn't source at the pharmacies on the first trip.

This is the end of our road and we won't be going for any more treatments. We are very lucky it worked first time and we seem to be in a good position for our second attempt. The fact we went back shows our confidence in them and what they do.

Thanks Andri, Dr Sevket & the Dogus team.
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