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I am about to undergo donar insemination. I am interested to know how other mothers have explained to their children that their father is a donar.  Also what do they they say to people in general when they become pregnant.

I look forward to some advice


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Hi Ruby

Welcome to FF.

I'm in a different position to yourself as need donor eggs but there is a Donor Sperm/Egg section that you should check out and chat with others in a similar position to yourself.


There are also Telling and Not Telling threads on there.

My DD is a still bit young yet to understand but we hope to explain it in simple terms until she is able to and starts asking more questions if she wants to. We also told our immediate family that we needed donor egg and they all supported us 100% throughout our journey. I have recently told my 'baby friend group' as we are quite close now and see each other quite regularly and they didn't react in a negative way at all either. Were more curious as to why and also how treatment happens. We are then leaving it to DD to tell anyone else if she so wishes.

All the best

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Hi Ruby and welcome to FF :)
I think with regards to telling other people ... It is simply no their business is it? With regards to telling the child, there is a whole thread on the donor boards about this. I'll leave you the link below shortly ^hugme^

Please have a good look around the site and feel free to post in any area, and make yourself at home. There are many who are on their TTC journey, and others who have been fortunate to have little ones with assistance. You will soon discover that our members are very encouraging of one another and offering advice or just simple hugs. There's a vast amount of information here for everyone, so start reading, posting and getting to know others. You will make some great friends too, lots of members often have meet ups locally too, for chats, coffee, shopping or even nights out! You can share conversations with one another freely, simply because we all understand each other. It's hard when family and friends don't fully comprehend what this journey entails and the emotions that go with it. That's where we come in!

Here are some links which you should find really useful at the moment……

What Every New Member Needs To Know (includes a list of common abbreviations) ~ CLICK HERE

Complimentary, Holistic and Spiritual Approaches ~ CLICK HERE

Donor sperm/eggs ~ CLICK HERE

While undergoing treatment, you might find it useful to join other ladies having treatment at the same time. The Cycle Buddies threads are just for that. Just pop along to the appropriate month and say "Hi" when you are ready to start treatment.

Cycle buddies ~ CLICK HERE

2WW, Ladies in Waiting ~ CLICK HERE

You can also chat live in our chat room. We have a newbie day in the chat room every Wednesday where you can meet one of our mods for support, meet other new members and get technical support with navigating the site and using all the functions available here. CLICK HERE FOR INFO ON NEWBIE CHAT

You can also "meet" and chat with people in your local area through the Location boards. This is especially useful to find people who may be using the same clinic and or in the same PCT area.

Wishing you lots of luck ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ and ^fairydust^
Keep in touch
Ceri xx

PS I have also sent you a pm (private message)
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