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We got 3 frosties from our last cycle which resulted in our twins.   We've now had the letter from the hospital asking us to make a decision as to what we want to do them.   Have been dreading this letter coming as its such a huge decision to make, not from the point of view of us having more children but whether to let them perish or donate them.    No information about embryo donation was included just simply tick a box which is typical of our hospital :mad:

Me and DH feel pulled towards donating them to give somebody the chance to be as fortunate as we have been and they are very good embryos as our Unit will only ever freeze top grade embryos, but we have so many questions and if anyone can answer them or give me any feedback on their experiences I would be so grateful.   I know we go for counselling/blood tests but I want to try and get as much info before then.   Our questions are

I gather we provide an information sheet about us is that right?   Can we include whatever we want on that (obviously not  personal details or anything like that but maybe the story of our journey etc...)

Will we be told if the embryos survive the thaw, whether a successful pregnancy is achieved etc and whether a boy or girl is born etc or could we find that information out at a later date if we wished to

Can financial/parental responsibility ever revert back to us..ie if anything was to happen to the parents etc (this of course if their family were to know about the treatment)

We have three frosties if all were to survive the thaw then would they use them for three different couples say or would they use them or just one couple.   Is there are a standard protocol?

My major concerns are about my children...(in the event of a successful pregnancy)

When they are old enough do we tell them about what we did?   Im concerned about how they will feel about it as they will be full brother/sister?    Would they be able to find out information if they wanted to or is it only the resulting child who can seek information?

My biggest concern and I know its extreme but unfortunately it did happen recently.   Will I be questioning every girlfriend/boyfriend that my children go out with?

If anybody reads this who has children and has donated embryos resulting in a pregnancy I would be so grateful to hear from you.

My heads gone blank now but Im sure I'll think of other questions.

Louise xx

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I'm really sorry I can't help you but wanted to wish you all the best and good luck for your decision  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^
Perhaps the 'donor conception network' could help you with some of your questions as there are many issues you'll need to consider  ^afro^
As Dh and I are using a donor I am grateful to see that you are considering this even if you decide it's not what you want to do in the end, good luck  ^hugme^
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