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ManorIVF’s Oocyte Donors Approved by Melbourne IVF!!!

This week ManorIVF’s Cyprus, Israel and Ukraine facilities were visited by a counsellor from Melbourne IVF, which is a part of the Virtus Health Group – Australia’s largest network of fertility clinics. This visit follows an agreement between Virtus and ManorIVF, establishing the latter as the body responsible for recruiting oocyte donors for the Australian clinic.

Virtus’ professional standards are unparalleled throughout the world. According to the network's guidelines, prospective donors must undergo a two-hour-long counselling/preparation session and then a follow-up 90-minute session a week later. Only egg donors who successfully complete both sessions are approved.

ManorIVF’s donors were indeed approved by Melbourne IVF’s counsellor, who was thoroughly impressed by our company’s professionalism and dedication, and reported accordingly to both the Virtus’ management and the network’s specialists.

Melbourne IVF’s counsellor travelled over 24 hours by plane and visited 3 countries for the express purpose of approving ManorIVF’s oocyte donors!

The very high standards set by Virtus lie at the core of our egg donor recruitment process be it for Australian patients, patients from Italy, the UK, Israel, Holland or anywhere else in the world.

We are proud to have met the expectations of what is without a doubt the world’s most rigorous fertility clinic, and are certain that our standards of care for both our oocyte donors and our patients place us amongst the leaders in the field.

In our line of work there are no compromises, only hard work. Every healthy child born means the world to us.
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