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hello there i hope you can help me and advise me. here goes.....

September 21st 2007 found out i was pregnant 5 days later i went to hospital in severe pain to discover i had an ectopic pregnancy and needed urgent surgery to remove my right tube. Day after surgery whilst in recovery me and my husband wre told my other tube working fine! Discharged from hospital 24th september 2007. Follow up appointment with consultant 6 weeks later and was informed safe to try for another baby and i should concieve without any problems. Was advised to ring hospital as soon as i get a positive pregnancy test for a scan in case of another ectopic. I was informed that my ectopic "was just one of those things" it was nothing i had done. 

April 14th 2008 got a positive pregnancy test. I rang the EPAU (early pregnancy assessment unit) and requested a scan to be told to ring my gp. Rang my gp he then called the hospital and booked me a scan for april 25th 2008 at 9.00am. Tuesday April 15th 2.00pm out of the blue i was in severe pain the same pain i experienced with my first ectopic. I called the epau straight away who told me the only options i had was to go to A & E as there wasn't any beds for me on the ward. I then waited at home to see if the pain would get any better. It got worse so i then told my husband we need to go to hospital. We went to A & E  booked myself in while i was stood there crying in so much pain. Waited for approximately 45 mins to 1 hour to be seen. Was then called by a student doctor. I explained everything to her. The pain was getting worse. They then put me on a drip and gave me painkillers via drip too which didnt help the pain. I was then given morphine for the pain because i just could not bare it. The morphine completely knocked me out. I then after several hours approximately 6 hours in A & E was taken to the gynaecology ward. I was awake at this point and was waiting for a doctor to come and see me. He came to see me and told me could not scan me as no one there to do a scan and they didnt want to scan in case it wasn't anything to worry about?. Was left to go to sleep and was told would be scanned in the morning. Approximately 10.00am april 16th i was taken for a scan where they told me it was probably another ectopic and that they could see something on the left side which needed to be looked at. Then went back to the ward. Another doctor came to see me shortly after scan and confirmed it was another ectopic and would surgery asap as i was bleeding internally. I went to theatre at 11.00am on the 16th april where i had my left tube removed and a blood transfusion due to the internal bleeding. April 17th doctor came to see me and informed me that whatever had caused the first ectopic had caused the 2nd ectopic apparently an infection i didnt know i had. Was informed my tube was already torn and will need IVF to have a baby. We dont have any children. Discharged from hospital saturday 19th april with no counselling and no real explanation as to why this as happened even though i was told i was safe to try again and that my other was working fine.

Why was i told to go to A & E when i was in the same pain as the first ectopic knowing that i was at risk of another ectopic?
Why wasn't i scanned when i called them the day i found i was pregnant?
In my opinion they did not do their job's properly. They should have scanned me on the monday when i got my positive and should not have been told to go to A & E!
And why wasn't my other tube tested properly when i had the first ectopic pregnancy?

Well thats my story. I really hope someone can advise me on what i do next.
Sorry its a long one but i am a 27 year old with no tubes and no children who wants answers.
Many thanks for reading.
Kind regards

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Hi Kellys18ter

I'm sorry to hear your story - how incredibly unlucky.

As far as the legal issues go, I think the first thing to consider is whether you want to complain about the poor care after your operation or whether you wish to make a legal claim for negligent treatment.

Whether or not you have a viable claim is, I'm afraid, outside my area of expertise.  I've pasted your post into an email which I've sent to Chris Bright, my clinical negligence specialist colleague (who isn't registered to post here - though perhaps should be!), and I'll post his reply when he comes back to me. 

However, you might find it easiest to email him direct at [email protected]  I'm sure he'd be happy to explore with you whether you have a claim.

Good luck.

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