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Wondered if anyone can help please?  I started down regging 4 days ago which was for day 1 of AF, but the weird thing is that since I started sniffing (sorry if this is a bit horrid but really worried) my AF has not turned into a proper period at all and has just been old blood, no bright red blood at all?  Also it has been more than spotting but not a normal AF at all?  I'm now so worried that because I am not bleeding properly I wont have a thin lining for my baseline visit, as for my other cycles I always had a normal AF.
Does anyone know why this may have happened?  I had a FET in Jan/Feb with HRT, don't know if this has messed things up?  I had an accupuncture session yesterday which really felt as if it was bringing it on but it's almost gone totally now!  :-\  Sorry to go on, just really want this cycle to go well! Surely I wont be down regged properly if I don't have a real AF?

Any help would be really appreciated,
Many Thanks,
Kelly x
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