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I'm looking for some advice.

Our twins are 5 months old.  Finlay dropped the night feed a few weeks ago and mostly slept from the dream feed at 10pm until 7am.

Jasmine dropped the night feed herself a few nights ago (she fell asleep by the time I got her bottle ready, so I left her).  Previously, nothing but a feed would settle her, so I know she's not hungry.

Both are being weaned.  The take cereal and milk at 0715, veggies & baby rice with a little milk at 11am.  Milk at 2.30pm, then pureed fruit with baby rice and milk before bed at 6.30pm.  Dream feed at 10pm.

Since Jasmine dropped the night feed, she now wakes at 0300, 0500 and goes straight back to sleep when I put her dummy in.  Finlay is waking at 0400 for his dummy.  Previously, I'd be up once with Jasmine for her feed for 10 mins.  Now I'm up from 0300 and never really getting back to sleep.

How do I move on from this awful routine we've got ourselves into?  It seems to be more of a habit than anything else.  I'm scared to let one cry for long in case they wake the other up...

Any advice?

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