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Hi Tinks,

I too am suffering really bad pains when going to the toilet. I don't have IBS but since getting BFP I have been having bouts of diarrhoea which have been very, very painful (sorry if TMI). Doctor thinks it could be a combination of pregnancy hormones and the OHSS symptoms I've been suffering.

In answer to your question I wouldn't know if the baby can feel the pain but every scan I've been for since BFP (and I've had one every week since 5 weeks) the doctors have been really pleased that the baby is doing fine - right size for dates and a good strong heartbeat. So, I've kind of taken to thinking that the little one really has no idea what we are going through for them!!!!

I really hope you're right about it easing off at 12 weeks and I hope you're feeling better very soon. Sorry if I haven't helped much but I just thought I'd let you know that you weren't on your own with this one!

Take care and speak to you soon,

Lots of love,
Han xxxxxxxxxxxx
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