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Looking for a good and cheap clinics in Europe for embryo /egg donation please. Please let me know everything about price and which hotel to book. I'm in my early menopause and my doctor request me for egg donation. Thats the only option I got. Please help me

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I'm in touch with Dunya IVF in North Cyprus. This is what they sent me:

The egg donation program is anonymous. We have a very wide donor base and for this reason, there is no waiting list. Since we have many donors of different ethnicities, finding a good match would not be a problem. When you decide to have a treatment in our clinic, we will ask you to send your photos. This way our medical team will be able to make the best match, based on your physical characteristic, blood type and your personal request.

All of our donors are fertile young women (21-30 years), free of genetic diseases. At the moment, our success rates are above 80% for egg donation Our success rates may be found here - Cyprus IVF Success Rates | Dunya IVF Fertility Clinic.

The egg donation program is 5000 euro and it includes:

  • Necessary consultations and examinations at our clinic during the treatment;
  • Minimum 10 mature donor eggs guaranteed;
  • Sperm collection;
  • ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection);
  • Embryo incubating in laboratory;
  • Assisted hatching;
  • Embryo transfer;
Please note that this price does not include fees for medications, embryo freezing, accommodation and transportation.

Our medical team always chooses the best individual treatment plan to achieve higher results.

In order to further develop a treatment plan for you, we need you to perform following medical tests:
1) TSH, T3, T4 done on the 2nd or 3rd or 4 day of your cycle;
2) Transvaginal ultrasound: full scan, including general uterus and ovaries condition and antral follicular count of both ovaries done on the 2nd or 3rd or 4th day of your cycle

In addition, the following tests results and documents must be sent prior to the treatment:
For Female: HBsAg, Anti Hbs, HIV, HCV, Rubella IgG, VDRL, Blood group, Passport Photocopy;
For Male: HBsAg, Anti Hbs, HIV, HCV, VDRL, Blood group, Passport Photocopy;

Your treatment plan will be developed individually for you according to your medical and fertility history and recent ultrasound scan.

Our general recommendation is to transfer 1 or 2 embryos of a good quality. If there are more than 2 embryos left by day 5, you will be able to freeze and store them at our clinic. Freezing and storing will be 500 euro (covers 2 straws x 2 embryos in each. Each additional straw x 2 embryos is 100 euro) for the 1st year and 250 euro annually for 2nd year and above.

If first trial is unsuccessful or you would like to have second baby with our help, and you have embryos frozen in our clinic, frozen embryo transfer fee is 1500 euro.
If there is no embryos to freeze, there is a 250 euros discount for the second fresh treatment.

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Also Miracle IVF, also North Cyprus:

One of the reasons that can affect success is the immune system of the mother. As this might be one of the reasons affecting, after giving you a scan doctor might recommend giving you Intralipid serum and Neupogen injection (for strengthening and thickening the womb lining).

We try to work with donors who have already given birth or donated eggs before. All our donors are between 20-27 years old.

Note that we only use fresh donors in order to increase your chances of success.

The donors will undergo the following tests:
  • Chromosome Analysis
  • Thalasemia, sickle cell
  • Bood type test, hemocrit and biochemical tests
  • HBS, HCV, HIV, VRDL test are all needed
  • Karyotype genetic test
At Miracle IVF Cyprus, we work with the latest technologies. At Miracle IVF Cyprus, we use RI Witness System. It is an electronic witnessing system that is used in the embryology labaratory. This system improves treacebility and quality control, while it reduces the labaratory based risks - run by highly educated and experienced embryologists.

We offer 80-85% success rates for the first ICSI treatment, which is over the world standards, for couples who choose Miracle IVF by Dr. Firdevs, who operates as an IVF specialist for almost 15 years now, for having their miracle babies. With our three embryo transfer policy, we guarantee three times more success than other IVF treatments in Cyprus, Turkey, UK and Europe. This rate is based on all the treatments & age groups and the total number of patients who have been treated by Dr Firdevs.

Regarding the way IVF treatment with egg donor works;

The first step is the donor selection. We shall offer you three donor options to choose from based on the donor requirements and your picture (only should you wish to provide). For that, I shall send you a medical form and a donor section is included for you to specify your requirements. In our centre we only use fresh donors in order to keep our success rates at the maximum.

We shall use a fresh donor whose period will be matched to yours. You will both receive contraceptive pills and you will both cease its use on the same day. Your period should start 4 days later. On the 2nd or 3rd day of your period, we shall start giving you estrogen in a tablet form in order to prepare the womb for implantation. Meanwhile, the donor will receive injections that will stimulate the ovaries, allowing us to collect a higher number of eggs.

Donor’s eggs are usually ready within 12 to 13 days. On the day of the egg collection, we also collect sperm from your partner and check your endometrium via ultrasound scans. This will allow us to decide the dosage of your medication. You will receive progesterone hormones that will help the embryo implantation. A protocol including all the medications will be sent to you.

In our centre we use ICSI fertilisation technique to keep our success rates at the maximum. We mostly make blastocyst transfer, this also gives us better chances of success. You are guaranteed to receive 10-12 eggs from the donor and on the 5th day of fertilisation, we can transfer up to 3 embryos. The rest of the embryos can be kept frozen upon your wish.

The embryo transfer is a simple and painless procedure. An ultrasound will be used to guide us as we transfer the embryos. The predetermined number of embryos are loaded into a fine transfer catheter that passes through the vagina and cervix, into the uterus. The embryos are then deposited into the uterus. Following this procedure, we shall ask the patient to remain in the recovery room lying flat, for a minimum of two hours. After these two hours, you will be free to get back to daily activities, abstaining from vigorous exercise.

Egg Donation treatment is 5,000 euros and it includes 10-12 quality eggs guaranteed, ICSI, bench top incubator, embryo transfer, assisted hatch, Embryoglue, airport-hotel-hospital taxi transfers. You and your spouse would only need to spend between 8-10 days in Cyprus according to the protocol that is prepared by the doctor.

Please note that this prices does not include pre and post medication as well as the medication you will need to use while you are in Cyprus after you have your scan with Dr Firdevs.

Depending on where an issue is detected, and if there are any additional - support needed by doctor's suggestion, the prices will be as follows:(see attached screenshot).

Before starting the treatment, you will need to take a series of medical tests and email us your results or take the tests with us at an extra cost. These tests are:

The Future Mother
☑ Blood tests
FBS, TSH, HBS, HCV, HIV, HBSag, AST, ALT, BUN, Creatinine, CBC
☑ Ultrasound scan: trans-vaginal scan to check your ovaries, antral follicles and endometrium
☑ Smear test

The Future Father
☑ Blood tests
☑ Spermiogram: sperm count, morphology, mobility etc.

Please note that the tests must be done within the 6 months of treatment.

You may also take all these tests with us at our hospital for an extra cost of 230€ in total for man & woman should you wish so.


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I can't help with personal experiences, but if you visit eggdonationfriends.com you will find best IVF clinics in Europe with their prices, success rates, and tons of other helpful info. x
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