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Hi Casey

Obviously my situation isn't the same as yours, but I wonder if the natural anxiety that the majority of women feel when ttc a sibling is that it's hard to get your head around a second baby living up the the wonder of your first.  Will you love another as much?  Surely no other baby could be as amazing as your first born? etc. etc.  This is a really normal feeling, and one I most definitely had when ttc, and whilst pg with Ben.  Everyone tells you there will always be enough love to go around, and you won't favour one child over another, etc. but somehow it's not totally easy to believe 100%.  In fact, it is the case that everyone else is right, and once you have your second baby, you do love them with equal intensity and the feelings are the same. 

I wonder if what you are feeling is all the above that happens naturally, but this is then enhanced further by the lack of genetic link.  I wish I could help you with advice on that one, but with no experience of it, I'd feel inadequate in providing anything at all.  My gut feeling though is that you would love your second baby equally, and bond during pregnancy, get the hormone changes when the baby arrives, etc. regardless of genetics. 

Wishing you lots of luck.


Jayne x
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