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Didnt want to read and run .............................

I havent experienced the issues you have, but i would be looking from some answers from my cons if i were in your shoes

those would be

Fibroids, where, what kind any impact on implantation as depending on where they are what kind they are they can impact on implantation

Endo where is it what impact does it have on my fertility

Lining issues do any exist

Level 1 tests (some of which your GP may be prepared to do)

quality of DH swimmers
quality of your eggs

A useful source of information is Agates FAQ on the immunology board its a sticky post at the top of the board

Look at L for Level 1 tests and also Lining
E for Endo
F for fibroid

Also there is an Endo Chat on the 19th if you want to join us for a natter and to chat more

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