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Hello everyone,

Wondered if anyone could help interpret my NK biopsy results. I haven't had a consultation yet and was going to try and wait until a couple of months once my two lots of LIT treatment are out the way to combine with finding out my protocol,

It says:

"A very generous biopsy of functional endometrium in late proliferative / early secretory phase. Many glads show early secretory sub-nuclear vacuolation.

There is no evidence of a plasma cell infiltrate on H and E. CD138 strains the glandular epithelium as well as many of the stromal cells. There are no positive cells with morphology of plasma cells (0%).

CD56 straining shows occasional peri-glandular NK aggregates along with a dispersed population representing <5% of the stromal compartment. There is no evidence of endometrial atypical hyperplasia nor malignancy.

Endometrial biopsy - benign late proliferative / early secretory endometrium"

Thank you so much!
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