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Hiya Kerry

Thanks for sharing with us

Is it the Dian Mills diet that u r following??

I do partly follow the wheat free diet, but i am on lactose and dairy free diet, altho some of the things in the range of foods that i eat is wheat free.

I have found that it has helped my endo a little, altho at present i am waiting for af and am sure u know how it goes :(

I seem to find pain is a lot worse at night so i am up all night and sleep most of the day atm.

Today is not my best day

Its good to know that the diet has helped you so that u can try ivf thats such good news

I am to be put on a course of zoladex to help me come off the pain killers and then i will be able to have the ivf that i need.

I am sorry that ur endo has caused us such problems

If u ever fancy a chat about anything endo pain if anything at all feel free to email me or im me

Best of luck with ur ivf tx

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