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The Blackburn and East Lancs Fertility Support Group as hosting an 'Enhance your Fertility' Workshop on Saturday 12 October in Blackburn 10-4pm.

The workshop is designed for couples who are trying to conceive and will explain the secrets of your natural fertility. This intensive day empowers you to create your healthy pregnancy. It is the complete holistic, whole-body approach that supports you and your partner's body for conception.
It is suitable for everyone who wants a baby - even if you have endometriosis, PCOS, hormonal imbalance, poor sperm results, poor egg quality, high FSH, low AMH, recurrent miscarriage.........

The tools and techniques you learn on this workshop will help transform your fertility. It clears stress, barriers and negativity, restoring and protecting your relationship with your partner during what can be a difficult time. All aspects of this holistic workshop empower you to naturally feel in control over your fertility. It embraces you, your mind, body and soul.

For more details email    [email protected] or direct message me.

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