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Hi there

I'm hoping I'm just being anxious and silly (both of which I often am).  On Saturday I slipped on some mud onto concrete and fell heavily onto my hands and knees (I'm certainly not slim, therefore it was a hard fall).  I am 16+ wks pg. 

After the fall I had a tightening (not painful but uncomfortable) across my lower abdomen which passed after maybe 10 seconds, and hasn't reappeared.  I haven't had any bleeding either.

As this is my first pg I am almost constantly concentrating on whether I'm feeling first movements or not - sometimes I think I am, and sometimes not.  I haven't noticed anything like 'movements' since Saturday (then again I couldn't be sure that I felt anything before either). 

Of course I'm worried that the fall has had some kind of negative effect, but don't want to unduly contact my GP or midwife and cause a stirr for nothing, but I am having what I think are ligament stretches around my abdomen, and my abdoment feels kind of heavy, a bit like when AF is due.

Does this sound like anything to be worried about?

Please tell me I'm being a wally!

Many thanks



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Don't worry, as long as you didn't fall directly onto your abdomen, it's fine.  Don't be concerned about not feeling movements yet, it's usually much later for your first movements to be felt,

emilycaitlin xx
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