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After reading a natural fertility book I read that false unicorn root was supposed to be very good for female infertility, so I ordered some from [edit advertising not allowed]

It was rather expensive (£20 plus postage) but thought what the hell I will give it a go. It arrived this morning and what I thought would be liquid has actually turned up as a bag of strange looking herbs.

My question is what do I do with it now?????

I am rather disappointed as I had hopes on starting to take it today as it is my first day of my first cycle on trying for a baby again after a good few years break, so feel rather depressed and upset (actually burst out in tears when I opened the package).

Any help will be gratefully received.



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I have taken this info from a herbalist - please bear in mind that it has not been confirmed safe for pregnancy/breastfeeding.

Put l-2 teaspoonfuls of the root in a cup of water, bring to boiling and simmer gently for l0-l5 minutes.

To be drunk three times a day.

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