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Hi there,

I was wondering whether anyone else was waiting to hear from QAH in Portsmouth regarding their fee-paying patient services for IUI treatment?  Its a new service so I'm told now that IUI is not funded on the NHS any more.  We were recommended for IUI by Mr Golland in January and were told this scheme was in the final stages of being sorted out, and we should have been good to go in a number of weeks.  Here we are 3 months later and now we have been told that they have not sorted out the administrative process yet and due to management approval being required we wouldn't be hearing anything further until the end of April.

You can imagine how disappointed we are.  We thought about paying to go privately, but we have to go through all the tests again before we can get to the IUI stage and that is going to cost an extra load on top of the IUI costs and to add to that, the fertility clinic we were looking at cannot see us for an initial consultation until mid-April.

If we knew for certain that QAH would be ready at the end of April, I wouldn't be on here moaning! But the experience we've had so far has been far from reassuring.  I was wondering whether there are any other couples out there in the same boat and what they had been told by QA?

Danii x
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