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Hi ladies
Just back from my follow up appt with the fertility clinic, and I feel very good and really positive.... the 1st time since my failed cycle.
He said i had a good response to my stimms (on Puregon got 5 follies) I asked about research i'd done on Menopur being better for us 'older women'. He said there was no evidence and the nurse said its good if you have PCOS or not ovulating as it contained LH to help with ovulation, and as i regularly ovulate it was of no benefit to me.... which was good news as i work for Organon who make Puregon and they're giving me 3 cycles of drugs for FREE :)
Also he said it was great that all follies produced eggs... another good sign!!

So the upshot is nothing changes, and for that I'm grateful... makes me feel like the 1st time was a trial, and the 2nd is gonna be the one.... PMA!!!!

Feel the best I have in 7 weeks, and my pg friend said i sounded better.

Kind of wondering where to go now to post..... Think I'll stick around here if thats ok....

Love &  ^fairydust^ ^fairydust^ ^fairydust^
to us all


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What a fantastic review !! :) :)

Wishing you all the best for your next go :)

Love Jo
x x x
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