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I'm about to start FET, currently on the pill to down-regulate, have my transfer in Nov. Just wanted to know of anyone else having it about the same time.

We have 7 frozen ones and I think they will thaw 4. The biggest of them is a 6 and 5 cell (they grew quite alot after our fresh transfer) so i'm hoping these are the ones that are viable!!!!! It's so frustrating when they tell you that there is no reason they can find why they didn't implant properly but probably down to the embryos themselves!!!!! We always produce good eggs and have 100% fertilisation.

Any girlies having tx currently?

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Hello Husniye  :)

I'm due to start down regging on 13th Oct with FET hopefully mid to end November.
I've been posting on the Sept/Oct thread - which is really just a thread for FET ladies about to have or having treatment. It's been a lifesaver for me...

Good luck and  ^fairydust^
Cecilie x
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