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Hi girls

We had out first appointment at Guys hospital on Monday for our IVF.  We were both so nervous but we should not have been, the unit and staff were great.  DH sperm is fine and both had our blood taken.  I had my internal scan and I need to have a HYCOSY as I have Polyps, can anyone give me any advice?  Does it hurt, how long does it take? 

The consultant told us this would not have been the reason why we have had trouble TTC. Little taken back by the finding as cycle is regular and periods not heavy or painful.

Hope to have this done within the next couple of months and once things are sorted on with the IVF.

Look forward to receiving any advice.
Shaz x

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Hi Shaz  :)

I'm glad your appointment went well and wasn't as bad as you anticipated!

Unfortunately I can't help with the Hycosy info but I am hoping my post will bump yours up for others to see. I am sure someone will be able to help you. Perhaps you could post on Ask a Nurse too, Ruth will porbably be able to help  ;)

Good luck with it all  ^afro^

Love, Rachel xxxx

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Hi Shaz,

I have had a Hycosy and 2 hysteroscopies for polyps. The first was done just with paracetamol and that did nothing to counter the pain - although I seem to have a very sensitive cervix/womb.

My first hysteroscopy was done with a local anesthetic on the cervix and my second with a sedative that really knocked me out.

I have mixed feelings. The Hycosy with paracetemol was so painful I would not do it that way again. It seems so individual that a blanket assumption is not reasonable. Plenty of ladies have hycosy's so please don't let me put you off. Maybe just ask them what extra pain relief they can offer if it is too painful.

I'm also a bit concerned that they know you have polyps and want to do a hycosy - as that is just a look to see things like polyps. The Hysteroscopy is to remove them.

Maybe the Hycosy is to locate them properly and then see if you need a Hysteroscopy?

Also I was told that polyps will only affect fertilisation if they are huge or in areas that an embie would try to implant in. The Hammersmith wasn't interested in removing mine though the ARGC was. Policy does seem to vary.

I would not be shy about asking for a second opinion or a better explanation as I've met a few "cowboys" in previous clinics.

Here's a website that talks about the Hycosy.


Hope that this helps.

With warmest regards,
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