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Hi Kelly

There isn't a 'best' folic acid tablet out there, only varying amounts. As you are probably aware folic acid is proven to help prevent nural tube defects such as spina bifida, so it's a very good idea to take it before you start treatment.

All the off the shelf tablets contain the same amount of folic acid, the only difference being that some also combine this with other vitamins and minerals. I am on a higher dose of folic acid which is only available on prescription becuase of the problems I had with my last pregnancy.

I was worried that I was only getting the folic acid and 'missing out' on the other vitamins and minerals, but several consultants I have spoken to have told me that you get the same amount of these through eating a bowl of cornflakes each day. Their advice was to eat healthily and include lots of healthy foods such as fruit and veg, and avoid 'stressing' foods such as alcohol and chocolate (not going to give that up totally though - its the only thing keeping me going at times! ;D )

My advice would be to stick to a 'Boots' own or similar as the pregnacare and clearblue offerings can be really expensive and don't offer anything different. I found that Boots do a great "Mum-to-be" tablet which is good value for money, can be taken before conception and includes multi vitamins which are specially to help pregnancy.

Hope this helps.

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