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My 2 year old has had horrible nappies for as long as I can remember, but whch have got worse recently. Until recently there always seemed to be a reason for this - teething, colds, etc - but now there doesn't seem to be. HV was very unhelpful, and GP just puts it down to being a phase that will pass.

Some mothers have suggested that this could be lactose intolerance, so I put him onto a dairy free diet 3 weeks ago. After a couple of days he did normal solid poo, and this continued for 10 days, but since then we are back with the horrible stuff.

I would like to see someone (paediatrician, allergy expert - not sure quite who) who can help me discover what, if anything, he is allergic or intolerant to, but I'm aware that a lot of allergy testing is unreliable.

Can anyone recommend such a person in the Herts/Beds area (and any to avoid too).
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