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Hiya ruth or anyone really

Just wondered if anyone knew where i could print off a list of foods/drinks that should be avoided during pregnancy or when ttc

Its for a friend who has had 2 miscarraiges and she thinks its what she maybe eating that she shouldnt my head keeps going blank

Her gp told her not to have anything with sweetners in but thats all

Any help

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Hi Em
This is not a definitive list and I mainly wanted to reply to say hi and that you remain in my thoughts.

Avoid any undercooked or raw eggs (so no unpasturized mayo or quiche) and meat.
Avoid, pate and any mouldy cheeses - stilton but also brie camembert and some kinds of mozeralla
Avoid smoking and alcohol
I was advised to avoid seafood such as prawns unless I knew where they had come from
some people also advise to avoid nuts (but others say only if your family has a history of allergies)

They are all the ones I can think of
Take good care
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