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They let you have there MP3's as long as they can tag an advert to the start/end of it.


About We7
We7 is a new music discovery service from the team that designed the MediaGraft technology

With We7, you can stream and download music for free with an ad or pay to download without an ad. We offer all our downloads in high quality MP3 format.

We7 has been built to help you discover and share more great music, from the past and the present, for free. And it's completely legal! We7's unique MediaGraft technology allows us to fix adverts to the beginning of each track you stream or download. These ads are targeted to you, the user. If you want to remove the ads after 4 weeks, We7 allows you to do this.

The revenue generated from these adverts goes to artists, labels and other rights owners. So, you get music for free, and the artist gets fairly paid.

When we launched our service in May 2007, we had just 30 tracks available to users. In a short space of time we have reached over 3 million downloads, over 100,000 subscribers and secured licences for music from some of the world's leading artists, record labels and distributors.

Co-founded by ex Genesis front man and digital pioneer Peter Gabriel, we are a UK based company with a music-obsessed team of developers, technologists and music industry professionals from around the world.

It's never been this easy to share your taste and discover new music. Welcome to the We7 music revolution.
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