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Current treatment plan for DE fresh transfer. Me and donor coordinated.

Start Pill Day 1 of period
Stop on a specific day as instructed by clinic for a bleed which should happen 4 or so days later 
Start Estrogen for approx 14 days on first day of bleed 6mg
Start Progesterone 5 days before fresh blast transfer (Hopefully)

My question is. Do I need a bleed or can I go straight to Estrogen? So rather than waiting the few days for a bleed do I do a few more days pill then start estrogen?
Reason: I’ve been known not to bleed in the past and needed meds to bring it on. Don’t want to repeat that.

My clinic prefers a bleed but I know some clinics don’t take a bleed break. My Gynae said no need to wait for a bleed. Pills can be continuous.

So just checking for opinions here.

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