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Hi all

i am feeling very down today and here's why.

my very best friend (i have known her for 15 years) was going to solihull hospital for investigation into why she could not get pregnant.  they found out that she had pcos, but her lady doctor would not even give her metformin until she had lost wait.  from what she said the lady was very stuck up and didn't offer her any help.  so me being the great best mate that i am told her to ask her GP to refer her to the Birmingham womens hospital, were i am being treated as they are fantastic.

well she went on Wednesday 1st December and straight away they have given her a 6 month supply of metformin and clomid  :( ???.

i am happy for her i really am she had been trying for another baby for 5 years now and i wish her all the luck in the world, but i feel so down now.  i was hoping that i would be able to go on the clomid also, but i found out last month that my tubes are blocked  :'( :'( ??? and i have to wait until January to find out what my doc will do about it.  i knew she would be in the best hands at the womens but i did not expect it to hit me this hard.  my friend fells bad that she is now being treated and I still have to wait as she knows how much i want another baby too :'( :-

sorry to moan but i was just wondering if anyone else had had the same thing happen to them and how they copped with it.

love Charlotte

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Hi Charlotte,

I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling down.  I was diagnosed with PCOS about 5 years ago, and I read as much as I could about it as I knew I wanted to have a family one day.  I read that clomid would help, so when I was finally referred for infertility investigations 2 years ago, I just thought they would automatically be put on clomid.  But no, they decided to do loads of tests and things first - which took about a year.  I felt cheated, but my consultant wasn't the type of person you could challenge or question.  We just had to put up with what she was doing, hoping it would be for the best in the longrun.

In the meantime, some friends of ours decided they too wanted a baby.  They had been trying for a little while and weren't getting anywhere.  They were referred for investigations - without doing anything more than ask her some questions, they diagnosed her with PCOS too, put her on clomid, and as they say, Bob's your uncle... she was pregnant with twins!

I was just devastated.  I've wanted a family as long as I've been old enough to think about it.  She never wanted kids until she met her partner, and the next thing we knew she was pregnant.  I was so envious, I could have just killed her!! ^evil^  The terrible things infertility does to us...

She's now the proud mother of a little girl and boy - they'll be one in February.  And I'm still waiting...  We gave up on the NHS and went private where we got started on IVF straight away.  But of course I'd had a lifetime of tests beforehand.

I can't really say anything to make you feel better, but sometimes it just helps to know that there are people out there who are going through, or have been through, the same as you.  So don't feel bad for feeling the way you do - we're all human at the end of the day.

I'll never forget when we got the call to say it was twins - it was like my world had caved in.

Good luck - let's hope things improve for you in the new year...

PS It was only when I went to the private clinic that they found out I have Insulin Resistence and was prescribed Metformin.  Amazing what money does...

Take care,


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Hi Chazz

Juat wanted to send you a big  ^Cuddle^ thinking of you hun i know you are happy for her but its hard thinking of you hun 

love always lilly xxx

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Hi Lilly/kittikat

Thank you both very much for your help and support it has made me fell much happier  :) ::).

I love my friend to bits and I do hope that she gets her wish but like you said I cant help but feel envious of her.  I so wish it was me that it hurts to think about her at the moment :'( :( wrong i know but I cant help it today.  ^eyes^ :(

well thanks again and I wish you all the best with your tx

Love Charlotte
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