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My mother Bless her can be supportive and very NON supportive all in the same breath...

Firstly a lil background.. I have PCOS pretty bad Ive had it since i was roughly 17-18. I was a late bloomer never got my TOM..  my breasts developed late etc. My doctor and mom both said Late bloomer... My mom wasnt the healthest of persons.. Smoked did things when she was pregnant that maybe she shouldnt have.

When i was growing up i complained alot about stomach pains etc No one would believe me.. My mom would just tell me to go to school...

Anyway later in life PCOS diagnosed my mom felt guilty cause she never treated it. My sister had PCOS but because of me they caught hers on time and treated it. She has a beautiful baby boy 3 years old.

Me I couldnt get preggo if i tried (well hopefully NOW i will thank you NHS  ^pray^ ^reiki^)

Anyway everytime i talk to my mom about my tx she is so negative. talks about how it wont work and How could I possibly want a "test tube baby"

She has guilt I know.. However Today was the final straw.. My uncle and his wife had AI and had a beautiful baby girl.. Sooo this kind of tx and situation isnt uncommon.

Today on the phone She said to me:

How you feeling
:Meh ok ive got bad cramps but the headaches have gone
Do you think you should be doing this I mean How are you going to tell your child it is a Test Tube Baby (TTB)
: Who says I have to say anything???
Well im not living a lie... and im not sure if im ok with it
:What?!?!??! Your not sure???!?!? What does it have to do with you!?!?!??!
Oh Let me guess you BLAME me for your shortcomings as a woman
:((I hang up phone))

I sent my mom an email this afternoon

Dear mom,

I love you unconditionally and all though you may not understand or you may feel akward about this procedure its something I want and I dont need to justify it. That being said I need to stay VERY positive and in a good place for this so I am sorry but if you cant Support me then im not going to be able to speak to you until things are done.

And i REALLY hope you support me because I cant imagine going through this without my mother.

I love you very much

~J xoxo

BAH this woman frustrates me! LOL sorry I need to vent!

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Well done Junnie!,

I can imagine how frustrating it is to see a member of your family feeling so negative about your treatment. As you said it is really tough staying positive during treatment and you rightly need positive support right now.

FF have loads of positive people ready to help you out during this journey.  I'm going through my journey with out a supportive mum, and I'm doing just fine. 

You need unconditional love too, so just ensure that you spend time looking after yourself and your other half instead of worrying about what anyone else is thinking.....focus on yourself honey  ^hugme^

Loads of Luck this round  ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^pray^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^

LOL Gen xOx
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