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Ladies-I hope you don't mind me butting in here-but am at a lost end and you all seem to have so much knowledge......(And I just got my umpteenth BFN)

I hve one DS (born naturally 10 yrs ago when I was 33) Hve been ttc no 2 for 4 yrs now. Hve hd numerous tx (inc. 3 ICSI with own eggs and 2 with DE)-all failing-not so much as a whiff of a BFP :( Cn understand maybe because of my age with own eggs-but DE too?)

When I hd DS, I got gestational diabetes and do not recall if my insulin levels were checked after birth....Since I've started tx 4 years ago, I constantly feel cold (literally the only place I feel warm in is bed-with socks, duvet, blankets and hot water bottle) My skin and hair are dry and I have started to get what feels like "cramps/painless pins and needles" in my legs and arms for half of my cycle and low blood pressure.
This may be a long shot-but just wondered if a/one thought whether these issues cn be related? What sort of basic tests cld I ask for?

Thnx so much



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hi sazz
Sounds like you have a thyroid problem . I felt this and posted to you on REPROFIT thread to get it checked,  now i see you are posting with all the symptoms. Look  in this department under hyperthyroid part 2, for some pointers.  Someone on this thread may be able to answer your question .
Check your body temp too start with in first half of your menstral cycle before you get out of bed in morning, if under 36c you could have a problem.
Was you given steroids at R/meda or R/profit?.
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