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Hi Ladies..

What a few days I have..Had a chinese on Thursday night, as we were going to friends near the clinic for our ET on friday..well at 1am I was sick as a dog and the other end too!  ..and we had to call the doctor out..picked up a tummy bug!....what timing!

So didnt sleep that night at all and had to phone the clinic the next day Friday to see if ET was going ahead..

Phoned and told then I wasnt well, so they wanted to see me..so we drove to Care at Notts..

I think i had got rid of most the bug, and did feel better.

So, On day 3 I had 2 grade 1's and a 1 grade 2 transferred by George..so pleased , just going to rest now..

Just like to say thanks to everyone who has given me advice during this TX.


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Hello H

Oh how ghastly and what a worry right up until the last minute for you  ;)

Good luck hun for your 2ww  ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^


Emma x

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