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This may sound like another one of my silly questions.

In my last two pregnancies Ive suffered from Irritable uterus and threatened pre term labour at 32 and 29 weeks respectively.
I am now 16+5 weeks and have already felt some tightenings (my consultant has said its to be expexted).

Anyway, today I had what I thought was a tightening while sat at the table, I felt around on my tum, to feel whether it was a true one or not (I can usually feel the outline of my uterus go exeptionally hard if a true one) and I felt a hard lump on my right side of tum. Was that my baby? (I was still sat at the table, I didnt lie flat)

Im worried now that if it was, would I have hurt or upset it by prodding around?

I certainly wont be touching it again. WIsh I had a doppler now so I could listen in and know I havent hurt my bubs. :'(

any ideas?

Mae. ^reiki^

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you won't have hurt your baby, there are a lot of layers as protection, so not to worry.

As for the hard lump, it was probably the top edge of your uterus. It will have grown to about half way between your pubic bone to your belly button, but maybe a bit more if this isn't your first pregnancy.

Take care x
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