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Hi everyone

I stupidly tested this morning on day 11 and got a BFN. This is my 4th cycle and I am in bits. My offical test date is day 13 (Weds 7th).

Has anyone got a BFP after getting a BFN around day 11?



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Hi there !!
I am still in a state of shock but I got a big fat Neg on day 14 !!  faint one one day 15 and a definite one on day 16.  Try not to test early, I did and I got myself into a real state, believed it was all over for us and gave my wonderful DH a hell of a time for two days.  I am hoping that I had late implantation and that all will be ok.  Try to wait until your date, its hell but it saves a lot of unnecessary heartache.
Take care
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