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Hi everyone,

Having a bit of a down day I'm afraid! Like a lot of the stories I've read, most of us don't like feeling sorry for ourselves but sometimes you just feel a bit crap! So last month I was supposed to start treatment for ICSI as our fertility issues are on the male side, however my ER Hormone level was too high (263) I'd been out with a good friend of mine the night before and had a few too many vinos which I'm still not sure adversely affected the result although the nurse did reassure me it hadn't. So this month I've been cutting back on nights out, getting a good eight hrs a night and generally looking after myself. Today had my scan/blood test and now the LH hormone is slightly raised which is unusual as all my other tests have come back fine in that area, so I'm being tested again tomorrow. Has anyone else had this issue? I just feel really frustrated and almost like I'm trying to second guess my hormone activity when really I haven't got a bloody clue! Any advice is very welcome.

Thanks ladiesx

I'm moving your post to peer support so you can get some answers hun ^hugme^ Shellebell
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