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Hi Ladies

I wonder if you can help me?
I have not had any mention of any issues from the numerous scans and we have had 2 fresh ICSI and an FET and nothing but have failed to achieve a successful pg!
I am having a Hystoroscopy next month but I know they do not expect to find anything but they are trying to find out why I have bleed in everything 2ww even having 100mg of Gestone in our last cycle!

I have always said I do not have pain in sex but the longer this goes on I noticed that I do get a sharp stabbing pain in my left ovary area when I have sex, generally when in deep positions ie: missionary or me on top is uncomfortable at times...

I was wondering has anyone been told there is nothing wrong, never found anything in scans or during tx and then had further investigations to find that there is ACTUALLY a problem ie: Endo!

Or should this have become obvious when having the tx if I did have something?

Thanks in advance,

LOL Spangle xxx

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Hiya Spangle

A very quick reply from me for the moment as dinner is overcooked!

I had lots of blood tests, scans, hysteroscopys and the likes and nothing was ever picked up

I had a laparoscopy and they picked up the Endo

this is quite common as the only real way to diagnose endo is via a laparoscopy or laparotomy, however if you have Endometriomas (endo cysts) also known as chocolate cysts these can be picked up on a scan but the actual endo is very very rarely seen.

Its quite possible that they havent missed anything during your cycles as endo is invisible to the naked eye alone

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