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I was wondering if your or one of your colleagues thought I could claim for losing my ovary? I'll try and keep it brief...

15/10/06 - I was admitted to A&E with ovarian pain and told the Dr's it was my cyst pain. I was kept in overnight and scanned the next day.

16/10/06 - The sonographer said she couldn't rule out a cyst and adviced I had a laparoscopy to investigate. She also noted that there was an area of 'tissue' above and adjacent to my left ovary. However, the Dr who reviewed it said that the scan was 'essentially normal' with no evidence of a ovarian cyst.

17/10/06 - I was discharged from hospital still having abdo pain. I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome even though I kept telling them I had no bowel symptoms!

22/10/06 - I went back to A&E as I had some bleeding and a lot more pain but they just sent me home.

28/10/06 - I went back to A&E at 3am in extreme pain that was so bad I kept vomiting. I eventually had a laparoscopy later that day which revealed an 8x8cm cyst on my left ovary, which had torted. The appearance of my ovary was blue and necrotic so they had to proceed to a laparomtomy and remove my left ovary and tube.

1/11/06 - I was finally discharged.

I have a history of ovarian cysts and had to have a dermoid cyst removed from my right ovary 4/06/05. I also had to see the gynae Dr on 3/8/05 with pelvic pain and then attended A&E 5/1/06 and stayed overnight with my ovary pain.

I feel that they should taken more notice of me and my gynae history. Also, if they had investigated earlier I may not have had to have my ovary removed.

I paid £50 for a copy of my notes so also have on record that the Dr I saw in A&E on 15/10/06 wrote "Impression - Abdo pain ovarian cyst? torsion" So they suspected a cyst at my 1st attendance to A&E but left me to suffer for a further fornight before they did anything!

Sorry if I'm rambling a bit, hope it all makes sense!!

Surferchick xx

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Hi Surferchick

Sorry but this one's outside my area of expertise.  I've pasted into an email which I've sent to Chris Bright, our clinical negligence specialist, and I'll let you know if he emails me back with any advice. 

However, you might find it easiest to email him direct at [email protected]  I'm sure he'd be happy to explore with you whether you have a claim.

Good luck.

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