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Hi there :) I'm new to the board, which seems very informative.

Myself and my husband have just been referred via the NHS for fertility treatment, as we have been ttc for a couple of years, without success.

DH had a SA which came up with reasonable volume but low motility and morphology.  I also had a progesterone test, where it showed I ovulated one month, but not the next.

I just wondered, what happens now?  How long does it take to be referred on average and what tests do they do first?

Any advice would be appreciated,



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Hi Maddie, we sound very similar, my hubby has a normal count but low motility (less than 10%) and has 0% progression too.

I also don't ovulate every month it's normally once every 4 mths, we were sent to our nearest clinic, we got a consultantion within 6 wks and they did a few more SA and I had a x-ray test thing (sorry forgotten the name) where they inject iodine in the blood to check the tubes are working .
Hubby's tests were still rubbish and there were no probs with my tubes so they then told us our only option was ICSI which we did.
It failed the first time but was successful the 2nd time and we now have twin boys.

Hope that helps abit, all clinics are different in their ways of dealing with things.

This was private too , so with the NHS things might take longer.

Love CJ xx
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