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I found you by chance,was looking for info on lap and dye on google and found this site it looks wonderful!

A bit about me,I am 30 and dh is 44.We have one son Steven who is ten and the light of my life.
We got married in January 1992 and I fell pregnant in the September,sadly I miscarried at around eight weeks,on my birthday.It took another year to fall again and at the time we were just beginning investigations as to why it wasn't happening.

Anyway after a tricky pregnancy Steven was born two weeks early by c section.
When he was a year old we decided to try for another,and nothing happened - nothing!

So I went back to my gp and he sent us for tests,dh's tests came back ok not great but ok,he had them done a few times,some results were good other times they came back quite poor.

I had blood tests that showed I wasn't ovulating so gp prescribed clomid,that didn't work either,so he sent us to the local hospital.

We went there for quite a while and had a post coital test I think it was called,the results from that weren't fab either,then I had a laparoscopy.My tubes were clear but my left ovary was very squashed and pushed upwards,they put that down to the c section,which was by now four years ago!

I also had internal scans and it looked like I had cysts on my ovaries but when I had the lap there were none.

So after this we were sent to John Radcliffe in Oxford.The guy we saw I can't remember his name but he made me feel ashamed,he blamed it all on my weight.I was about 16 stone.

Anyway this is turning out to be very long!
To cut it short,we tried for about 5 years and nothing.The consultant said to go away and lose weight and it would happen or try IUI.

At the time we didn't have the money so I have gone away and lost 6 stone!

While I was losing the weight I went back on the pill,I have just had my first AF since coming off of the pill so waiting to see how my cycles settle down.

I am now a healthy weight as I was when I had Steven so I am hoping that it will do the trick.

I am wondering what will happen if I don't fall in a year,will the dr entertain the idea of doing tests on me and dh again?

I have a different gp now as my other one left,which is a shame as he was fantastic!
Anyway sorry to have gone on for so long.
Hope to get to know you all.

Ruth xxx

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Hi Ruth

Welcome to FF!

I don't see any reason why your new GP won't run tests on you both. 

Wishing you much success.

Laine x
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