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Just wondering if anyone can help

I lost my ^angel^ ^angel^ about 4 weeks ago, had D&C 3 weeks ago.

At first bled for 5 days, that was bleed number 1

2 days after finishing i had another bleed (lasting 6 days and past big clots sorry tmi here but one was size of a chocolate mini egg ^twitch^)

Yesterday, i woke with a headache, nothing got rid of it at all, by 5pm i was in bed, dh rang to say he was coming home at 7pm (my parents were visiting from yorkshire)

Couldnt talk to him cos i couldnt stop being sick by this point.

Is it normal to bleed this much??

I do have endo, and when not on treatment, my bleeding is a bit erratic or could it be the after effects of D&C after this long??

I dont want to go to dr on call as they dont normally do anything apart from say take fluids and pain relief ^snarl^ which i am already doing anyway, i suspect i have a urine infection too but gp wouldnt give any anti biotics until the lab confirms.

I am just soo fed up with this all now

Have i not been punished enough

feeling sorry for myself now
the sad donkey

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Bleeding after misc can sometimes be erratic but to be going on for so long won't do you any good. I would really suggest you do contact your doc or go to your local A+E if you feel the GP wont be of any help. Occasionally some women need a second d+c if all was not removed at first. Am not saying this is the case but is worthwhild ensuring you are OK.
So sorry, sad donkey. :'(

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