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So sorry to hear of your losses.
Its very difficult.
Over the age of 40, in women egg quality deteriourates very rapidly. One consultant explained to me that the eggs become "sticky" as they have been in there a very long time!!! This means when it comes to dividing for making embryos...they often dont divide as easily, making chomosomal abnormalities in the embryo....which is often why the pregnancies over 40 dont work out.
The positive thing for you is that you are getting pregnant, which shows there is nothing wrong with the mechanics of your repro system!!!.... I think its more an age related egg quality issue. I have read many times...its not the age of the womb...its the eggs that matter.
I can only advise you get tested for immune issues and hormone levels I really dont think there is much you can do other than keep trying!!!- At least you are able to keep trying without a huge cost....every time we have a go at getting pregnant it costs thousands of pounds!!!
good luck keep trying!!
It only takes one "good egg"
Lily XX
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