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Hi there,
Have "unexplained fertility" and I'm trying to conceive for 2nd time (took 4 years with treatment to get DD) but after 2 years (including 3 cycles of failed IUI) I feel like not getting anywhere with current clinic (Leics Royal). Finally our consultant has suggested IVF but given us so little positive feelings & constantly talks about how different things would be if I were 25 (!!!) that I want to change clinic as funds limited & can only afford at most 2 cycles. My FSH levels good (3) but AMH low (5.67) so think there's a chance but realise at 41 the stats will never be totally in my favour.
From HFEA website Nurture statistics seem much higher for my age group but I'm concerned about how easy accessing clinic is (parking, traffic) and fact it appears quite shabby. Care seems much nicer environment but has the lower stats.

Would really welcome hearing about anyone's experiences at either clinic, especially from those ladies of a similar age to me.
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