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Hi, I'm sorry to sound really dumb, but I wonder if anyone can advise me please.
I started taking my first cycle of Clomid on 23rd August and usually have about a 34 day cycle.

I used to use the OPK but was advised against them by my Consultant as they make things too scientific. 

I can usually tell when I'm due to ovulate through the mucus stuff and also some pain on one side, but today (earlier than I would have expected) I have had to keep going to the loo as I feel really damp down below (sorry) when I wipe myself the mucus stuff has started to appear and I have a niggling pain on my right hand side?

Could it be that I am ovulating earlier because of the Clomid as I am now on CD 11 and I wouldn't have thought I should ovulate until at least CD 15, or is it that I'm just noticing the symptoms earlier?

God this is a nightmare, we've been ttc for 2.5 years and there's no wonder I haven't got caught yet if I don't know the basics!!

Thanks Love Rebecca xx
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