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Hi there Barbarella

Just wanted to welcome you to the adoption board.... ;D ;D

We have been approved and are just waiting a suitbale match so pretty quiet here.. :(

I agree with Karen, we all have our little fears and worries which is totally normal..try not to worry about them too much. I worry that we will finds it hard with a child in the house, afterall dh and I have lived on our own for 10 years....I also find is a scarey prospect of giving up work...as I have worked since I left school 14 years ago....luckily we had a great SW who agreed that i would find things "odd" but felt that I am a diverse person who would settle into a changed life...it made me feel "normal"...afterall.. ;D ;D

Anyway try and keep up with everyone....we are all at different stages so its nice to see what we all have to look forward too..!

Love Natsxx
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