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Hi, I have only just started on here today, and oh boy am I glad I found you.  You seem to answer all of the questions that I feel too embarresed to ask anyone.  I am just a little unsure of all of your shortenings that are used.  Also how do I get the pretty pictures and text boxes at the bottom of posts.  Really where do I go from here.
Oh yes I have had ICSI after 6 years of trying for a baby.  Had one natural pregnancy that I lost with a missed miscarriage hence I am paranoid that although we have been lucky, and I am now almost 12 weeks pregnant this time something is going to go wrong again. Really I can't thank this site enough again for just helping to put my mind to rest.

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Hi Hellybelly

weclome to ff hun hope this helps alittle hun
Congrats on your bfp wishing you all the best hope to chat soon

AF = Aunt Flo, menstrual cycle

AH = Assisted Hatching

ART=Assisted Reproduction Technology

BA= Baby Asprin

BBT= Basal body Temperature

BCP= Birth Control Pills

BETA=  HCG Pregnancy test

BFP = Postive Pregnancy Test

BFN= Negitive Pregnancy Test

BMS=Baby Making Sex

B/W= Blood work

CM= Cervical Mucus

D&C =Dilation & Curettage

DE= Donor Eggs

DH= Dear Husband

DP= Dear partner

DX = Diagnosis

E2 = Estradiol

ENDO= Endometriosis

ET= Embryo Transfer

FET= Frozen Embryo Transfer

FSH= Follicle-stimlating Hormone

GIFT= Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer

HCG= Human Chronic Gonadotrophin

HPT= Home Pregnancy Test

HSG= Hysterosalpingogram

ICSI=Intracytoplamic Sperm Injection

IF= Infertility

IUI=Intrauterine Insemination

IVF= In Vitro Fertilization

LH= Luteinizing Hormone

M/C= Miscarriage

OHSS= Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

OPK= Ovulation Predictor kit

PCOS=Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

PG=  Pregnant

PMS= Pre-menstrual Syndrome

SA= Semen Analysis

SUBCUT= Subcutaneous injection

TTC= Trying To Conceive

U/S= Ultrasound

2WW= 2 Week wait


love always lilly xxx

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"Welcome"....Hellybelly & "CONGRATULATIONS".....i'm sure you'll be fine from now on...so  heres to a happy healthy  6 months ahead..... & the rest of course ;) ;D

It looks like Lilly as sorted you re:abbrevs etc,so i hope you find your way around ok now :)

juels  ^bunny^xxx

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Hi Hellybelly

Welcome to FF!

Congrats on your pg.

Laine x

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Welcome Hellybelly!

Congrats on your pg!

Belinda x
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