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I'm looking for some advice on antibiotics for positive hidden chlamydia shown up through the greek menstrual blood test I've done through Dr G.

It came back positive and my reading is 2,7 x 10(3) which I've seen from Agate's FAQ posting looks like a low concentration of bugs. To save me having to pay to go to another follow up appt and to fork out for more expensive and comprehensive mix of ABs that Agate has written about (25 day course of: metronidazole, azithromycin, Doxycycline is recommended by Dr G), I can get a prescription for a 10 day course of doxycycline elsewhere which I think is the course of ABs for standard chlamydia positive result (which that clinic says would be enough but I'm not sure they know about hidden C). As my concentration seems to be low, I'm thinking that the 10 day course would clear it, but I'm wondering if this is wise or if I should go for the more expensive treatment. I'm not planning to retest afterwards either cos we can't really afford any more tests. Any advice?


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emerald:  if it was me I would do this

day 1 (12 days before period). 1g azithromycin
day 2-24 (until day 12 of stimms/cycle). 100mg doxycycline morning and evening
day 25.  (day 13 of stimms/cycle) 1g azithromycin
from embryo transfer to test day 500mg clarithromycin twice daily
then 5 days on and 5 days off clarithromycin until about 7 weeks of pregnancy

I would be cautious about inferring that because the bug count is low that the infection is mild because

a) its not really supposed to be a quantitative test
b) if it is low that MIGHT mean that you have had it for many years without your immune system managing to finish it off rather than implying that its a more mild infection than some other ladies have i.e, if you've had it for years, it COULD be pretty widespread in your body.

Personally, I would only try the standard UK meds if I thought it was a recent bug that I had only just picked up (i.e., I had reason to believe I had just caught it from sex), and it was showing up on standard UK swab test and then I would want another swab test just after the 10 days of doxy to show it had gone.    If you do want standard meds and UK tests, I THINK you can go to any UK NHS GUM clinic for them, but personally, I wouldn't unless I really thought it was a new bug I'd just caught from sleeping with someone new.
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